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"I would like to thank Jennifer so much for helping me with personal styling. She was a true professional and really helped me with my wardrobe and to have the confidence to put pieces together."

- Martita Richardson

Styling and Makeovers

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous" - Coco Chanel.

Have you considered therapy... for your wardrobe?

You may love your clothes, but if they aren't giving you the confidence you need to succeed, cut 'em loose and start over.

As a fashion consultant and personal stylist, I'll bring out your best and allow you to truly take pride in your appearance. You'll get a huge boost in confidence, which will help you win hearts and influence people.

When you look good you feel good!

My philosophy is to be true to yourself. That means embracing what works best for your body and personalilty. It's not about being a slave to a trend, it's all about bringing out your best features.

Styling Packages

Personal Styling Session $180

  • Begin with consultation to assess your personality, lifestyle and goals.
  • Shape anaylsis - you will learn how to enhance your figure and look. You'll get a good overview of what works best with your body shape and tips on brands and stores that work for you.
  • Colour analysis - we determine which colours fit your skin complexion, eyes and hair.

Wardrobe Review $240

  • Begins with a consultation to establish your goals, budget and style preference.
  • Wardrobe declutter - we sort through your wardrobe and determine what pieces no longer suit and what classic pieces you can keep as a base for new outfits.
  • Give you great ideas about what to add to your existing wardrobe, as well as combinations and tips for the best way to maximise what you already have.
  • You will no longer open your wardrobe and have nothing to wear!

Personal Shopping Sprees ½ day: $350, full day: $700

  • Take you shopping and help you identify and understand what cuts and colours go with your shape and complexion.
  • Tips on how to make better shopping decisions when you're shopping for yourself.
  • Which brands are designed for you? When a sale is not a sale? What stores cater to your needs?
  • You will no longer open your wardrobe and have nothing to wear!

Female Make-over Package $800

  • A complete makeover package including make-up, hair and fashion. You will be transformed in a short period of time and will learn how to maintain your new image.
  • Personal Hair Stylist Viola will assess your hair depending on your personality, career and lifestyle. Selecting the right colour and cut that compliments your skin tone. Finding the right product for your hair. Setting up a maintenance program.
  • Beauty and Fashion Makeup Artist Olimpia will help you with the right colour and tones to enhance your best features. How to put make up in 5 minutes. Minimising tricks for physical flaws.
  • Fashion Stylist Jenny will create a style best suited for your personality, lifestyle, activities and goals. Includes a complete body shape and colour analysis. Come away with an understanding of the styles best suited to compliment your body, personality and skin tones.
  • Gain a new level of life-changing confidence. It's a profound transformation, and you're ready for it!

Special Occasion Styling prices on request

If it is an event or special occasion, Jenny will put together the perfect stylised look for you.


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